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Name: Randi. I was named after my dad, who actually dislikes his name. So I really got stuck with the reject name, if you think about it. Or if you're a pervert (*raises hand*) you can look it up in the dictionary and it supposedly means something sexual...according to my friends. |D

Age: I'm seventeen in years but 90% of the time I act like I'm four. Then sometimes I have my 'menopause moments' where I act like I'm sixty. People often mistake my age, depending on the 'age' I'm feeling. And now I'm just rambling.

Location: I live in the wonderous United States of America. I like my country.:D

Interests: You can find a more extensive list on my user info but generally I am "interested" in music, video games, anime, dramas, soap operas, photoshop, and reading. But most of the time I'm either sleeping or thinking about sleeping. My head is very zen like that.

What do you look like?: A man. Well okay maybe not.

i look like a douche. hahahaha

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thanks for accepting me <3 I love your new journal ~

Your welcome, hon.
Thanks ^3^

Sure, nice to meet you ^^

*I am on a semi-hiatus right now for exams. But I'll be back soon <3

Hi! I saw you on tsubasa90's journal, and I saw that we have stuff in common. Plus, you seem like a cool person. ^^ Want to add me?

Sure thing, hon. ^^
Always happy to have new friends~

add me?
this is le ciel rofl.

Hi. :)
Remember me?
If you don't I'm gonna kick your ass! *no, not really :) I'm a nice person. most of the time. *
Anyway, can you add me?
And I need to ask you a favor. ^^
Can you please help me with my journal. I failed at making it.. big time. T.T

YES, I remember you!~
Sure, sure, I'd love to add you.
And I'll be glad to help you with your LJ ^^

Thank you! <3
Do you have msn? It's easier to ask my questions there. And I have alot questions! -.-

^^ <3
Yes, my new MSN is frustrated_superstar@hotmail.com

you seem like a cool person :)
where in the south are you from? I'm from Alabama ^_^

Key word here, I "seem" cool ahah
ALABAMA! I love Alabama, I had a bf from there. I'm from Texas ^^

One of my best friends lives in Texas :)
I'm adding you back.

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